• Erlebnisradeln am Marchfeldkanal-Radweg, Personen in verschiedenen Kostümen wie zB. Napoleon oder Barockkostümen
  • Start/Ziel Marchfeldkanal-Radweg, Mutter mit Kind
  • Radfahrer am Marchfeldkanal-Radweg
  • Radrastplatz im Römerland Carnuntum - Marchfeld
  • Radfahrer im Römerland Carnuntum - Marchfeld
  • Themenabschnitt Marchfeldschlösser am Marchfeldkanal-Radweg, Mutter mit Kind beim Barockrahmen

Marchfeldkanal cycle route

An experience for the whole family!

The Marchfeldkanal cycle route takes you from Langenzersdorf along the charming Marchfeld canal and the Rußbach stream to Hof castle. Many info boards and adventure points wait for you in the five themed sections: Marchfeld canal, Napoleon, Asparagus & Co, Nature & Art and Marchfeld castles. Catering and accommodation establishments invite you to take a break, and you can buy regional products from the farmers. You can extend your cycle tour via the connecting paths to the Danube cycle path and the Kamp-Thaya-March cycle path. The Dampfross & Drahtesel cycle path, the "Fabelhafte Radwelten" cycle path and the Iron Curtain Trail provide further combinations, and the Liberty Bridge takes you to Slovakia across the March.


Marchfeldkanal 8,8 km Napoleon 7,2 km Spargel u. Co. 12,0 km Natur u. Kunst 13,6 km Marchfeldschlösser 9,9 km

The five themed sections

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  • Themenabschnitt Marchfeldschlösser am Marchfeldkanal-Radweg, Mutter mit Kind beim Barockrahmen
  • Schösserradeln am Marchfeldkanal-Radweg, Familie in Barockkostümen
  • Festsaal Schloss Hof, Marchfeld
  • Fahrradbrücke der Freiheit bei Schloss Hof, Marchfeld
  • Fahrradbrücke der Freiheit bei Schloss Hof, Marchfeld
  • Schloss Marchegg, Marchfeld
  • Luftaufnahme vom schlossORTH Nationalpark-Zentrum, Marchfeld


The Donau-Auen National Park at the edge of the Marchfeld region used to be a favourite hunting ground of the aristocracy – today it is one of the last intact flood plains in Austria and the largest continuous wetland landscape in Central Europe. An info board provides information about the national park and its offers, and another board presents the Marchfeld castles. At the end of the cycle path you can take a very special souvenir photo through a baroque frame with Niederweiden castle as the background and “paint” your personal baroque painting. At the end of your tour through the Marchfeld region you reach one of the highlights of the tour: the impressive baroque work of art that is Hof castle.

HIGHLIGHT: Baroque frame

Rest areas: Engelhartstetten, Schloss Hof


Arrival and departure by public transport: S80: Bahnhöfe Breitensee, Marchegg, Bratislava, S7: Bahnhof Hainburg/Donau, Bahnhof Bad Deutsch-Altenburg

Sights on and near the Marchfeldkanal cycle route

2294 Schlosshof, Schloss Hof 1,
Tel +43(0)2285/20 000

2292 Engelhartstetten

2294 Groißenbrunn
Tel +43(0)2214/22 92 | www.groissenbrunn.at 

2292 Engelhartstetten, Markthof

2292 Stopfenreuth
Infos und Anmeldung zum Zelten: Nationalpark Donau-Auen: Tel +43(0)2212/3555

2294 Schloßhof

2292 Loimersdorf, In der Hute 2

2294 Markthof