• Seitenansicht des Schiffes "Carnuntum"auf der Donau in Niederösterreich
  • Das Boot "Twin City Liner" fährt auf der Donau in Niederösterreich

Shipping on the Danube

It is a real treat to experience the Danube between Vienna and Bratislava from aboard a ship. You can look forward to varied landscapes and primordial wetlands, expansive plains and lovely vistas.

There are several companies providing ship service on the Danube in Lower Austria. In Römerland Carnuntum - Marchfeld they travel between Vienna and Bratislava.

For a special Danube experience, you may want to hop on a reconstructed tschaike, an historical Danube boat from around 1530, or be adventuresome and go on an inflatable boat tour of the Danube wetlands in the nearby national park (Nationalpark Donau-Auen in German).

The regularly scheduled ferry service from Hainburg to Devin is an additional tourist offering for holiday-makers and cycling enthusiasts. It is also further incentive for going on a classic weekend excursion or for staying in the Bratislava region.

Enjoy your precious time on the Danube in Lower Austria!