Kulinarik Dürnstein © Andreas Hofer

Richly Set tables

From award-winning gourmet temples to regional inns and rustic heuriger wine taverns - the culinary delights in the regions along the Danube are enticing and the tables are richly set.

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Hofladen Bauernspeis, Wagram an der Donau, Marchfeld

Enjoyable Shopping

Are you looking for a delectable souvenir, an unusual and tastefully tasty gift? The Danube in Lower Austria is a delicatessen in the truest sense, offering everything from fine brandies and fruit juices to delicious bread and luscious chocolate, from fresh fish to highly prized blunzn (blood pudding) and saumaisen (filled pork caul).

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Genießen mit allen Sinnen in der Wachauer Stube

Best of Wachau

The best hoteliers and innkeepers in the Wachau have joined ranks to offer TOP enjoyment under the quality mark "Best of Wachau". From down-to-earth wine makers, award-winning five-star hotels or gourmet restaurants, the Best of Wachau hosts whet your appetite for culinary delights such as excellent regional dishes and specialties featuring the Wachau apricot.

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Genussfrühling © Prenner Beerenkultur

Culinary Delights Initiative of Römerland-Carnuntum

Fourteen purveyors of culinary delights - from a Marchfeld vegetable farmer to a Carnuntum wine pro - between the Danube capitals of Vienna and Bratislava have joined together to launch the Culinary Delights Initiative Römerland Carnuntum-Marchfeld.

The initiative partners are committed to shared values and principles and offer top quality regional products and enjoyable experiences.

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Gericht Vila Joya

Culinary Dates Across the Seasons

You won't want to miss these red-letter dates:

July 12 - 14, 2019: Krems Apricot Festival - Alles Marille in Krems
July 19 - 21, 2019: Spitz Apricot Kirtag - Marillenkirtag in Spitz

Culinary delights also feature large in the popular wine festivals along the Danube: The annual series of events starts with Weinfrühling, a celebration of wine and spring, followed by the picturesque cellar-lined lane festivals held between May and September. The wine year culminates in numerous wine christenings and other oenophile events during Weinherbst, the regional celebration of wine and autumn.