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Welcome to the Danube region known as Tullner Donauraum-Wagram

Welcome to the Danube region known as Tullner Donauraum-Wagram.

In this section of the Danube in Lower Austria between the Wachau and Vienna, the river is wide and the vistas are expansive. The countryside forms a colorful mosaic and lively summer stages beckon. The region surprises you with its lovely scenery and invites you to take off on a voyage of discovery. You can taste for yourself the quality of the top wines from the four wine regions Wagram, Traisen Valley, Kamp Valley and the city of Klosterneuburg and treat yourself to the delectable regional cuisine.

Lively summer stages also beckon with a diverse lineup of entertainment to make your stay an unforgettable experience. A dense network of bike paths crisscrosses the region, running through towns and vineyards and ensuring diverse and enjoyable cycling. Besides these bike paths, the region also has numerous hiking trails as well as a section of the Way of St. James, an ancient pilgrimage route.

Danube BikeTramper

The Danube Bike Trail is one of Austria’s most well-known and beautiful bicycle trails. The Danube BikeTramper (bike train) takes you to Passau or the Wachau, from where you can start your bicycle excursion.

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Top Excursion Destinations

Premium bon-vivant roomsThe biggest and best known excursion destinations in Lower Austria have joined together as “TOP Excursion Destinations.” Their goal is to offer guests special quality.

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Scenic Views

Simply stand there, take in the scenery and enjoy. The countryside is particularly impressive when seen from one of the lookout towers or one of the many other kinds of lookout points. From the top of Jauerling or Göttweig Abbey, the Aggstein ruins or the Tulbinger Kogel. Picturesque countryside everywhere you look.

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Danube Shipping

The Danube district and its various regions are particularly charming when viewed from a ship. Enjoy the diverse landscapes, the artfully laid-out vineyards with their typical stone walls, the broad plains and the precious art treasures on both banks. These features make the Wachau one of the most beautiful stretches of river valley in Europe.

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The Danube Bike Path

The Danube Bike Path is one of the most scenic cycling routes in Europe. It extends for about 1,200 km from Donaueschingen in Germany to the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

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Danube & Wine

Ancient wine culture and ultra-modern wineries. Venerable customs and elegant wine events. The finest whites in the world and the down-to-earth sociability of heurige wine restaurants.

Wine Regions & Wine Routes

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  • Internationale Gartenbaumesse & GARTEN TULLN

    With its thousands of flowers and unique floral artworks, the annual international flower show presents nature in all its incomparable splendor. The admission ticket to the show also allows ticket holders to visit the premises of GARTEN TULLN next door.

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    Donaubühne Tulln

    The Donaubühne is known far beyond the Austrian border as the country’s largest open-air stage and an established part of the art and culture scene in Tulln. National and international artists perform at this romantic riverside venue along the Danube.

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    Opera Klosterneuburg

    Opera Klosterneuburg is an Austrian opera festival staged annually in July and August in the baroque Imperial Courtyard of Klosterneuburg Abbey in Lower Austria.

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