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A wealth of cultural treasures, probably Europe’s most enchanting river valley and a sundrenched, internationally renowned wine region: The Wachau, Nibelungengau and Krems Valley region is a gesamtkunstwerk and gathering place for epicures from around the globe. As one of Austria’s earliest settled areas, the Wachau was extensively shaped by human hand and designated a UNESCO World Heritage landscape in 2000. This honor went to a cultivated and scenic El Dorado for people who enjoy good food, good wine and the good life.

The Wachau and the areas surrounding it form a true paradise for epicures. There are few other regions with such a diversity of fresh premium products just waiting to be transformed into culinary treats. Today the Wachau already ranks high in the top league of international epicurean regions. Pleasure-seekers come here to taste wines that are winners of international awards and to treat themselves to the finest delicacies from the regional cuisine.


The Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage region, is dominated by the mighty Danube, magnificent fortresses, grand castles, and imposing monasteries. Add to all that, an ancient wine-growing tradition and you have one of the world's most scenic cultural landscapes. The leading tourist businesses in the region have a keen focus on service, quality and regional products that inspired them to join forces in the initiative they call Best of Wachau.

Best of Wachau is a quality seal that was launched in 2012. Today 53 Wachau hospitality businesses are in this illustrious circle of the chosen few. They include award-winning restaurants with gourmet cuisine as well as down-to-earth country inns, cafés and traditional hotels, charming homeowners letting out private rooms, and wine-makers offering "Holidays at the winery".

Wachau values
The Best of Wachau hosts have defined different criteria all revolving around regionalism, Wachau hospitality, warmth, innovation and verified quality. These values are borne up by a shared passion for the Wachau and serve as the pillars for the Best of Wachau range of products and services on which an authentic Wachau experience is based.

These businesses offer more than excellent quality. They bring the Wachau alive. They let guests see it and taste it in homemade specialty dishes. The use of regional ingredients and the close ties to local food producers in the area are two further quality criteria. At the core of this range are the classic products of the Wachau: the unique wines with their mineral note, the delectable dishes incorporating Wachau apricots, or the famous roll known as the Wachauer laberl.

A region to be appreciated
Hospitality is more than just an empty word for all Best of Wachau hosts. The hoteliers and restaurateurs feel passionate about transforming the guests into ambassadors of the Wachau who go out into the world to share their impressions, experiences and stories.

New: Best of Wachau Gold Club
The Best of Wachau Gold Club was created in order to extend guests' stays and to stagger the weekend. This bonus program benefits all individual guests who stay at least three nights at a participating Best of Wachau host anytime from May 1 to October 28, 2018. During their stay, Gold Club members enjoy exclusive and exciting programs in which the hosts reveal their private side and provide a peek behind the scenes. Examples include wine hikes with wine makers through the famous Wachau vineyards; a ride on the scenic Danube in a zille, a traditional flat-bottomed boat; or a prayer with the Benedictine monks of Göttweig Abbey. A total of 15 different exclusive program highlights will be offered recurrently every week during this period from Monday to Friday across the Wachau. Visitors can look forward to a whole host of unforgettable personal insights.

Guests who book directly will also be given a direct booker bonus by the relevant host in keeping with the motto: "The longer you stay, the more you benefit". This is a gift that varies with the hospitality business involved and that only Gold Club members receive. For instance it may be a homemade delicacy, a free rental bicycle or a bottle of the vintner's sparkling wine. Moreover, in exchange for a minimum purchase of food and drink, all Best of Wachau restaurants offer the Gold Bonus in the form of culinary delights - from fruity apricot sorbet to Wachau wine specialties. All in all, the Gold Club makes a visit to the Wachau worth a mint!

The perfect vacation
Whether you are a gourmet, an oenophile or an art and history lover, a hiker keen about health, an athletically ambitious cyclist or a seeker of peace and quiet: There is a suitable Best of Wachau business to meet every need and to offer the perfect holiday package. For detailed information please visit .

See you soon - in the Wachau!

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