Grafenwörther Au

Lust auf einen Spaziergang durch das Grüne? Dann sind Sie in der Grafenwörther Au genau richtig! Für Führungen steht Ihnen Herr Widemann zur Verfügung.

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Korneuburg Parish Church

The parish church is located in the beautifully restored streets of the historical center of town. It was built in 1212 and is dedicated to St. Aegidius. The high altar dates to 1870.

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Ansicht Korkenzieher Traismauer, Tullner Donauraum

The Corkscrew

This 15 m high lookout tower is shaped like a corkscrew and nestled in the Traisen Valley wine region. A 3.1 km circular hiking trail takes you through the scenic Eichberg and Ahrenberg cellar-lined road in about 1.5 hours.

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Traisentaler Weinbegleiter, Kellergasse Eichberg, Tullner Donauraum

Traisen Valley wine companions

Trained wine companions accompany you on a tour of the Traisen Valley. The tours have four main focal points – Ahrenberger and Eichberger Cellar-lined Lanes, The City of Herzogenburg and Herzogenburg Monastery, Tradition and Modernism in Nussdorf ob der...

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Schloss Traismauer Innenhof, Tullner Donauraum

Traismauer Castle

Traismauer Castle rests on the foundations of the Augustianis Cavalry Fort from Roman times. Today’s arcades once contained the stables; the soldiers were quartered on the first upper floor.

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Stadtpfarrkirche Traismauer, Tullner Donauraum

Traismauer Parish Church

The Traismauer parish church in baroque style also has a long history. In the early 9th c, Traismauer was a major town in the eastern county of Charlemagne's empire.

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