Tulln Basin pigs usually result from the cross-breeding of three different breeds so the meat from them has an optimum ratio of lean meat to bacon. They therefore have an incomparable taste.  About 65 farmers in the region around Tulln raise this special breed of Tulln Basin pigs known as strohschwein. The young piglets are born on Austrian farms and raised in the region.

Only the best pork from Tulln Basin is put on the market. When consumers eat Tulln Basin pork, they can be sure of getting pork from pigs born in Austria and fed exclusively in the Tulln Basin.

High-quality Tulln Basin pork is available year-round directly from farms, through local restaurants and at well-stocked retailers. Besides fresh meat, many on-site farm stores carry special products such as homemade sausages and pork lard, cracklings, smoked meat and regional delicacies such as Tulln Basin imperial blood sausage (kaiserblunzn in German) and spicy Fragner ham – a smoked, air-dried ham with herbs.

A delight for the palate.


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