Staging events in Tulln?

Tulln is centrally located and full of wonderfully inviting green and garden spaces, garnering it the name the Garden City. It is unmatched by any other city in Austria in its commitment to green space and in its expertise in staging special events. Moreover, it has the modern Messe Tulln exposition center featuring 30,500m2 of floor space for staging events. Tulln can draw on more than 60 years of experience in this field. Investments of €35 million have been made in recent years in the Messe Tulln facilities alone, creating the perfect conditions for your event. But Tulln is also the Water City. The Danube flows right by the historical center with its bubbling fountain, by the Donaulände promenade that people love to stroll along, and by the Auwald riverside forest and the Wasserpark. A diverse range of options awaits you for your social program, whether you focus on nature, culture, sports or fine dining!

What makes Tulln so special as a conference destination?

  • Immediate proximity to Vienna, Tulln – Vienna 35 km
  • Easily accessible, Tulln is on the rail lines Westbahn (Vienna-St. Pölten high-speed connection) and Franz-Josefs-Bahn, highway access to Vienna via A22 autobahn and the S5
  • Short routes to Vienna International Airport (VIE), Tulln–VIE 65 km
  • 30,500 m² of multi-purpose event halls:
    - Company events and presentations
    - Christmas parties with entertainment program
    - Shows and concerts
    - Public events
    - Gala evening events
    - Congresses
    - Trade shows and product presentations
  • Perfect infrastructure and smooth handling of events
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Top-quality service and flexibility
  • Appealing social programs in the Tulln region, far from the hectic pace of everyday life (wine region, boat rides, fine dining, golf, culture, etc.)

Convention Partner Tulln assists you in finding suitable venues and hotel capacities. We also advise you on special-format events involving up to 3,000 people!

Services of Convention Partner Tulln

  • Advice and selection of a suitable event venue (multi-purpose halls with more than 30,500 m² of floor space for events on any scale)
  • Search for required hotel capacities
  • Recommendations on event equipment, transfer services and catering
  • Planning and creation of a social program tailored to your needs
  • Information about congress subsidy in lower austria

Locations, hotels & service

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Social programs

We are happy to assist you in planning, booking and staging your group tour and offer tailor-made programs. With our partners in the hotel and gastronomy sectors and countless modules and excursion destinations, we are happy to help you devise whatever program or itinerary you want. How do you benefit? You can just lean back and look forward to an unforgettable stay in the Danube region around Tulln in Lower Austria.

On request, we can put together tailor-made social programs to fit your specific needs.

Our excursion destinations

Gruppe mit Führer im Rosengarten am Gelände der GARTEN TULLN, Tulln, Tullner Donauraum


Welcome to GARTEN TULLN! GARTEN TULLN is Europe’s first ecological garden show and a TOP excursion destination in Lower Austria. More than 60 show gardens, a 30-meter high treetop trail and colorful events provide the perfect backdrop for your excursion.

To the extraordinary GARTEN TULLN

Stift Klosterneuburg Hengsberg

Klosterneuburg Monastery

There is no other place in the German-speaking world where spiritual life and worldly life have melded into such a unified whole as at Klosterneuburg Monastery. This melding has a grand tradition – Klosterneuburg Monastery has been the seat of the Order of the Augustinian Canons for 900 years and was once the residence of the Babenberg and Habsburg dynasties.

To Klosterneuburg Monastery

Kanufahren im Wasserpark Tulln

Boot rides in Wasserpark Tulln

The fascination of the water is best experienced from a boat. You can explore the variety of flora and fauna at your own pace gliding along the five kilometers of waterways in a canoe or paddle boat. Keep your eyes peeled - you might spot signs of beavers or lock eyes with a deer curiously watching you from behind the foliage.

To Wasserpark Tulln

Schiele Statue vor dem Eingang des Egon Schiele Museum

Egon Schiele Museum

The private side of Egon Schiele At the Egon Schiele Museum Tulln, you can get to know Schiele the human being. The museum has reinvented itself to mark the 100th anniversary of this exceptional artist’s death. With original works and animated audio and visual documents, the Egon Schiele Museum provides new insights into Egon Schiele’s life, a third of which he spent in the city of Tulln.

To the Egon Schiele Museum

Pärchen in römischer Kleidung halten römische Fundstücke in Händen

Roman Museum Tulln

As you cross the lively main square in Tulln, keep in mind that people were already strolling over this patch of earth 2,000 years ago. The Roman Museum Tulln in Marc Aurelius Park can help spark your imagination. It was awarded the museum quality seal on Austrian Museum Day once again.

To the Roman Museum Tulln

Schiff "Kaiserin Elisabeth" auf der Donau in Niederösterreich

Danube tour ships

Several companies operate grand Danube ships or ferries on the Danube in Lower Austria. Some of these ships travel in the Danube area around Tulln between the Wachau and Vienna.

To ships and ferries

Der "Wolkenturm": Der in eine Senke eingebettete Bau der Architekten Marie-Therese Harnoncourt und Ernst J. Fuchs (the next ENTERprise – architects) bildet eine Skulptur die gut 15 Meter bis in die Höhe der alten Baumkrone aufragt und unerwartete Ansichten aus verschiedene Perspektiven bietet.

Schloss Grafenegg

An historical castle next to a futuristic open-air stage in a landscaped park, a 19th century riding school next to a modern concert hall and much more await you at Grafenegg. Drawing on English castles as models, the builders were tasked with creating a complex in the style of Historical Romanticism. That is how the Schloss Grafenegg we know today as a local landmark came about.

To Schloss Grafenegg

Gruppe Traisentaler Weinbegleiter, Traismauer, Tullner Donauraum

Traisen Valley wine companions

Trained wine companions accompany you on a tour of the Traisen Valley. These companions take you on different routes covering different topics. How did «heuriger» wine taverns originate? Who are the patron saints of wine? Where is the most scenic view in the Traisen Valley? These and many more questions are answered during the wine hikes.

To the wine companions

WeinArtZone, Weingut HOFMANN RUDOLF, Traismauer, Tullner Donauraum


The regional wine shop and bar for the Traisen Valley is invitingly casual and located in the courtyard of the castle in Traismauer. The welcoming atmosphere makes this a pleasant spot for you to taste and purchase wines from the Traisen Valley. The WeinArtZone is a great place to stop and stay awhile whether you are there for a guided wine tasting session or for Veltliner spritzers with friends.

To the laid-back wine shop and bar